Warning ! these 10 mistakes done on Google can send you to jail

The Indian government is very strict about child porn. Despite this, if you search for child porn on Google, you can go to jail

Child Porn

It is illegal to share the name and photo of any molestation or abuse victim. It has been declared illegal by the Supreme Court to reveal the name and photo of any molestation or abuse victim

Reveal Name

It is a crime to leak any movie or download a piracy movie on an online platform before its release. The Union Cabinet in the PM Modi government has approved amendments to the Cinematography Act 1952

Film Piracy

Do not even accidentally search on Google how to perform abortion. It is illegal to have an abortion without a doctor's permission. There have been many cases in which the Supreme Court has sought abortion

How to have an abortion

It is an offense to share private photos or videos on Google or any other platform without permission. There is a provision of punishment for the person doing so.

Private photo and video

Do not forget to search on Google the process of making bombs or anything related to it. Doing so could land you in jail. IP address of your computer or laptop will reach the security agencies directly

Bomb making process

If you are ill and you want to find out which disease you are infected with on the basis of symptoms through Google. Also, if you are searching for medicines on Google to be cured of that disease, then don't forget to do so. Taking the wrong medicines can make your health worse


Many times we download phishing or fake apps and software through Google search, which can harm our device. In such a situation, you can download any app from Google Play Store or App Store itself. Not only this, download any software from the official website of the company itself.

Mobile app or Software

Searching shopping offers on Google or any social media platform can prove to be dangerous. In fact, you will also find many fake websites on Google, on which cyber criminals can empty your bank account under the guise of offers. So stay away from these things.

Shopping Offers

Searching any customer care number on Google can prove to be harmful. In fact, in many cases, fake or fake helpline numbers float in Google Search. In such a situation, when you call on that number, then your number reaches the hackers, which becomes the reason for hacking.

Customer Care Number