Thames Water has announced a hosepipe ban for its 10 million customers after one of the driest summers on record.

The ban will come into effect on August 24 and will impact people across the Thames Valley and London.

Despite two days of rain and thunderstorms, the company said water levels in its reservoirs were "much lower than usual"

That the demand for water is at "record levels" following recent heatwaves. In a statement, the company said:

In a statement, the company said: "After the driest July on record, and below-average rainfall in 10 the last 12 months.

"We have more teams reducing leakage than ever before, working 24/7 to find and fix more than 1,100 leaks every week.

The recent heatwaves mean that demand for water is also at record levels."

It added: "We've been working around the clock to supply everyone, and customers have been brilliant at saving water where they can.

"But, with low rainfall forecast for the coming months, we now need to take the next step in our drought plan.