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In this Eastern Slavic naming convention, the patronymic is Leonidovich and the family name is Tikhanovsky.

Sergei Leonidovich Tikhanovsky (Russian: Серге́й Леони́дович Тихано́вский) or Siarhiej Leanidavič Cichanoŭski (Belarusian: Сярге́й Леані́давіч Ціхано́ўскі; born 18 August 1978) is a Belarusian YouTuber, video blogger, dissident and pro-democracy activist.

He is considered by Amnesty International to be a prisoner of conscience.

He is known primarily for his activism against the government of Belarus's long-serving president, Alexander Lukashenko. In May 2020, he announced his intention of running for the 2020 presidential election

He was arrested two days afterwards, and his wife Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya then ran in his stead as the main rival to Lukashenko in the contested election.

Tikhanovsky was born on 18 August 1978, in Horki, Mogilev Region, Belarus, and raised in Homyel.

Tikhanovsky studied at the physical and mathematical gymnasium, then graduated from the Faculty of Philology of the Francysk Skaryna Homyel State University.

Tikhanovsky says he became a blogger almost by accident. He organized a farmstead near Homyel and faced bureaucratic hurdles from local, regional, and national officials, then spoke of his difficulties with journalists.

The YouTube channel "Country for Life" (Страна Для Жизни) was launched in 2019 and managed to attract 140,000 subscribers during the year.

The channel is dedicated to stories of ordinary Belarusians and real cases of entrepreneurs "which will help to build a country for life".

Tikhanovsky shoots a video on social and political topics and talks about the problems of people – mainly in the Belarusian regions.

On 9 May 2020, dozens of supporters of Sergei Tikhanovsky held an "Anti-parade" in Babruisk to express their disagreement with the Victory Day Parade in Minsk during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anti-parade in Babruysk

On 7 May, Sergei Tikhanovsky announced on his YouTube channel that he intended to become a candidate for President of Belarus, challenging Alexander Lukashenko and his decades long rule.

2020 election and protests

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