Delete these 14 Apps right now.

Written By

Gaurav Patil

An expert in cybersecurity form the firm Kaspersky, tweeted to alert the users of these apps about these apps.


01: Easy PDF Scanner

Easy PDF Scanner is the app using which you can scan documents.

02: Now QRCode Scanner

This app helps you to scan QR codes

03 : Super-Click VPN

This app is used to create a VPN

04 :Volume Boosting Louder Sounf

Using this app you can boost the volume 

05 : Flashlight Flash Alerton Call

this is a simple flashlight app 

06 :Smart TV Remote

Using these app you can turn your smartphone into a remote

07 :Volume Boosting Hearing Aid

This app boosts the volume and works as hearing aid.

08 :Halloween Coloring

This is a simple coloring app, based on Halloween theme.

09 :Classic Emoji Keyboard

Classic Emoji keyboard is a simple keyboard app with emoji's

10 :Super Hero Effect

This is photo editing app for super hero fans.

11 :Dazzling Keyboard

This is a simple keyboard app.

12 :EmojiOne Keyboard

EmojiOne is a simple keyboard app with emoji

13 :Battery Charging Animation Wallpaper

This app shows charging process animation.

14 :Blender Photo Editor- Easy Photo Backgroung Editor

This is a simple photo editing app with blender