Google Meet Secrets You Never Knew

These Google Meet extensions are a must-have !

save it  or lose it

These are the coolest Chrome extensions that can take your Google Meet experience to the next level

Meeting Notes for google meet - Meetric

Capture actionable meeting notes directly in Google Meet that sync to your google calender!

 google meet  enhancement suite

40 new features for google meet such as mute all, auto admit, emojis, background color, and push to talkin short, heaven

attendance for google meet

it makes taking attendance on google meet a breeze and it's exported to google sheets as well !

tactiq for google meet & zoom

save captions and transcription from google meet and zoom.

meet plus for google meet

the previous extension didn't fulfil you ? this one has even more features...!

n-bot - google meet online class attender

a bot to attend your google meet meetings/classes - free to use by anyone