ALABAMA : A chicken sandwich

Alabama's famous white barbecue sauce is creamy and tangy, made with mayonnaise, vinegar, salt, and ground black pepper.

ALASKA: A wild Alaskan salmon sandwich

Alaska's salmon is said to be the freshest, pinkest salmon around.

ARIZONA: Frybread tacos

Also known as "Navajo tacos," these are extremely popular in Arizona. The fried dough is topped with traditional taco fillings like meat, beans, and cheese.

ARKANSAS: A deep-fried catfish sandwich

Caught locally and tucked between two buttered buns, the deep-fried catfish sandwich is best paired with a side of fries and slaw.

CALIFORNIA: An avocado club sandwich

Though the famed French Dip came out of this sunny state, it's best known for its avocados. Try one of California's fresh avocado club sandwiches to see why.

DELAWARE: A soft-shell fried crab sandwich

Anyone visiting this fishing Mecca should try a soft-shell fried crab sandwich topped with coleslaw and leafy greens.

GEORGIA: A fried-chicken sandwich

Those visiting Georgia — the original home of Chick-fil-A — should partake in a classic fried-chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and spicy mayo.

VIRGINIA: A grilled ham and cheese

There's almost nothing more classic than a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, and Virginia is known for its excellent cheeses and succulent ham.