While you can just enjoy the beautiful view of the lush green mountains all day, there are many other things that you can do here.

Mountain Getaways In North Carolina

Mountain travel is all about hiking through beautiful mountains and experiencing nature in its purest form.

North Georgia Mountain Getaways

The Blue Ridge Parkways is one of the most popular parkways in the world. It starts in Ashville, 

Mountain Getaways In Virginia

North Carolina and extends into the Virginia Mountains through the Blue Ridge mountains.

Mountain Getaways In Virginia

Another great destination for your romantic mountain getaway is West Virginia.

West Virginia

Known as the “Mountain State”, this is the only state which falls entirely in the Appalachian region.

West Virginia

To get the most exquisite views of the mountains, take a seat on the chairlift for a breathtaking aerial view.

Mountain Getaways In Tennessee