10 Saddest Quotes from

"Egg! I Dreamed That I Was Old."

Maester Aemon's Last Words

His final words are these that see him call out to his late brother, affectionately known as Egg. Aemon is an essential character for Samwell and Jon's time at the Wall and is one who imparted a lot of wisdom over his time. To see him go was hard for fans and greatly affected the aforementioned characters.

"All This Horror That's Come To My Family... It's All Because I Couldn't Love A Motherless Child."

Catelyn's Confession

Talking to Robb's wife, Catelyn, reveals her sense of guilt. Her inability to care for Jon or see him as anything more than a mistake of Ned's is not just sad as it shows how rough Jon had it but is also sad since Ned never laid with another woman; Jon was not his son.

"Theon. You're A Good Man. Thank You."

Theon's Redemption

These words are spoken to Theon by Bran, right before the former charges for the Night King. It is a moment Theon craved deep down that he needed to hear. Theon made a lot of mistakes, but he realized them and did his best to make up for them all, to repay his debts to those he had hurt, including Bran, something achieved through this quote.

"Don't You Want To Teach Little Ned Stark How To Ride Horses?"

Talisa Stark Talks to Robb

The Red Wedding is not only a colossal moment in Game Of Thrones, but it is one of the most shocking events in television history, heartbreaking and jaw-dropping for all watching. This line by Talisa becomes so saddening in hindsight, thanks to what went down.

"I Wish I Was The Monster You Think I Am."

Tyrion's Iconic Outburst At His Trial

Tyrion's whole life had been filled with people deeming him a monster, an abnormality, something he really was not. Far from flawless, Tyrion was still the best of the Lannisters, but being constantly called a monster, sat with him and came out here in a tirade that saw him tell the people of King's Landing that he wishes he could kill them all.

"Do You Remember That Cave? We Should Have Stayed In That Cave."

When Ygritte Dies In Jon Snow's Armstburst At His Trial

The romance between Ygritte and Jon Snow is arguably the best in the series. It ends in typically heartbreaking fashion as Ygritte dies in Jon's arms following an arrow from the widely hated Ollie.This line comes as one of Ygritte's last as she has one last exchange with Jon.That cave and the time she spent with Jon there were the happiest and safest. 

"The Next Time We See Each Other, We'll Talk About Your Mother."

Eddard Stark's Promise To Jon

Due to the complex nature of many of Game of Thrones' storylines, many quotes take multiple episodes and even sometimes seasons to truly hit home, including this line spoken by Ned to Jon in response to the latter asking about his mother.

"By What Right Does The Wolf Judge The Lion? By What Right?!"

Jaime's Revelation To Brienne

Sharing a bath with Brienne, Jaime reveals the truth about what happened with the Mad King, how he saved many lives in reality. Referring to Ned's judgment of him, Jaime breaks down, talking about how he is seen as a traitor, as scum, when really he was doing the right thing.