WAIC 2021 Robot Expo In China regard to Robotics & AI Developments

WAIC 2021 Robot Expo, To create the nervous system of smart cities the latest information and communication technology were used.

Combining cloud computing and internet and things big data and Artificial Intelligence. Which make it possible to employment solution and analysis and with provision in Realtime.

Artificial intelligence in smart city must to promote the transformation of enterprises, and bring about an ever-flourishing digital economy.

Huawei cloud platform already working on smart infrastructure cities across in China including shanghai.

A new version of Walker X robot from UBTECH Robotics

UBTECH Robotics hosted the world premiere of a new version of new Walker X robot at WAIC 2021.

Making it the largest commercial available humanoid robot in China. Robot can walk on stairs Also, It has self balancing adaptive to external Disruptions, Massage with force control, Object recognition and Manipulation.

Baidu unveils Apollo Moon drone with 5G support in China

Robben Lee Yung Hong, chairman and CEO of Baidu told the conference that the Baidu plans to launch unman cars an about 30 cities across the country in the next two-three years.

The company also going to release a car looks like a robots the smart electric car from Baidu.

In mid-Jun Baidu introduced Apollo Moon Drone with 5G support, one of the advantage of this car Cost is $74000.

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Drones for Delivery automation

Leading the Chinese E-commerce platform Meituan has unman drone and cars design for delivery automation company plans to deploy a pilot low altitude drone network in Shanghai in year 2021.

The three tier drone network cloud base support infrastructure including landing station and charging stations.

The total for 2020 in china 1149 registered Artificial intelligence companies as well as 104 educational programs at 38 different institutions across the country.

Scientists at Stanford University have printed elastic artificial skin on a 3D printer. The developers plan to create a skin for implantable bio electronics and variables censors.

The new process for creating flexible circuits without cracking or delaminated the transistors even thousands of stretches.

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