SpaceX Starship Evolution Into Next Grade-Completely Insane

Elon Musk has ambition to setup a colony on Mars. Elon Musk company SpaceX is preparing It’s Starship for the long trip to Planet. But the SpaceX starship capable of the task. This is a sneak peek into the insane evolution of SpaceX Starship.

While the Starship is meant to take people to Mars and was initially named mars colonial transporter. It is actually a versatile aircraft (For Example- NASA has tapped on it to land its astronauts on the Moon.

SpaceX is even designing it to be capable of shuttles right here on Planet Earth and ultimately musk wants the Starship to go embark on missions beyond Mars.

It has appropriately been renamed the “INTERPLANETARY TRANSPORT SYSTEM“. The First mention of a vehicle to Mars was by Elon Musk himself in 2012.

Overview Of SpaceX New Starship in Detail

Space x new starship stages

The starship has two main Parts or Stages 1)The booster Part or First Stage 2)Space Fairing Part or Upper Stage.

The Space Fairing Part is Multifunctional as it could be used as a crewed capsule for delivering astronauts to space for instance or as an unmanned cargo delivery vehicle or an interplanetary fuel thanker for refueling other Spacecraft .

To be able to function over long distances in deep space upper Stage uses six vacuum variants of the raptor engines that produce 3.5 mega neutons each SpaceX is throwing in three sea level raptors for descent and landing on both the Earth and Mars.

When Used as an interplanetary Spaceship the starship will be retrofitted to serve as both cargo and people carrier with with combination for about a hundred daring souls as a fual tanker the starship will be able to lift 380 tons of prepollent to low earth orbit.

Space X new Starship Overview and specs

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