Boeing estimates the launch date of the CST-100 Starliner capsule is August

Boeing delayed the launch last week after a valve failure in the propulsion system was discovered during a pre-launch inspection.

Boeing announced on Monday that it is evaluating various launch dates for the launch of the CST100 Starliner capsule to the International Space Station this month, and has postponed the long-awaited launch of the capsule after a valve failure was discovered in the spacecraft system last week. -Start inspection.

The company said on Monday that it had repaired most of the 13-valve CST100 Starliner gearbox problems over the weekend, and inspections showed no signs of damage or external corrosion.

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“Seven of the 13 valves are currently working under the project, and inspection and repair of the remaining affected valves will be carried out in the next few days,” the company said.

Boeing said it is cooperating with NASA and the United Launch Alliance and with Lockheed. Martin will confirm the launch date when the spacecraft is ready.

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The CST100 Starliner will carry people in and out of low-Earth orbit. Boeing said that this manned mission will not be carried out until December because it is competing. Elon Musk’s SpaceX will be the first company to send NASA astronauts from the United States back to the space station in nearly a decade.

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