The demand for 5G phones is increasing among customers who want to buy new models in the next 6 months: Kantar


  • 5G phones demand has grown significantly, Kantar said in its report
  • Of the top 10 models sold in China, 70 percent were 5G-enabled
  • In-store phone purchases is growing as a result of ease in restrictions

According to a report by consulting firm Kantar, more than two-thirds of customers in major markets that plan to purchase new smartphones within the next six months have chosen the 5G model.

China leads the market, with 91% of customers expressing interest in buying. However, the buying trend of 5G mobile phones is also close to the US report.

Kantar also highlighted the growing interest of customers in buying smartphones in markets such as the US and Europe. In the ordinary store. Kantar found that 74% of US customers expressed interest in buying 5G mobile phones.

This percentage is actually lower than the number of customers who want to buy their own next-generation interconnection models in China.

However, according to the company, 5G power as a reason for buying in the Chinese market has hardly changed from the previous year, and every fifth customer calls this feature a buying engine. “Of the top 10 models sold in China, 70% support 5G,” Director of Analysis Jennifer Chan told Kantar Consume. -60% in Japan; 50% in the United States and Australia, and 40% in the 5 European Union (UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain).

In terms of sales, Kantar pointed out that Samsung’s sales share in Australia and the United States increased by 4 percentage points, accounting for more than 30% of total sales in the second quarter of 2021. However, Samsung’s sales continue to lag behind iPhone sales.

The United States and China have found that iOS is growing by 2 percentage points per year, but this is not a trend in Japan.

Due to the strong performance of Sharp and Oppo, Android sales have increased by 5 percentage points.

Jayesh Shewale
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