How to apply for Mobile insurance in India ?

Mobile insurance has become as essential as having a mobile of late as mobile or a smartphone has already become a vital a part of our life today. we have a tendency to happen to rely on it for varied purposes, together with communication and business.

In such a scenario, loss or harm to the smartphone can cause huge problems. Thus, to urge funding just in case of thievery or accidental damage to the phone, we are able to decide on it.

What is Mobile Insurance?

When a Mobile is misplaced or damaged, there may be a risk of the facts within side the smartphone being misplaced or stolen, developing issues of various levels, consisting of economic harm. Today, human beings spend loads in shopping smartphones and any trouble with them can create a hollow within side the pocket. To triumph over such issues, organizations are actually presenting cell coverage in India. These regulations offer insurance in opposition to robbery or unintended harm to all varieties of phones, consisting of smartphones.

Benefits Of Mobile Insurance

Mobile Insurance coverage isn’t compulsory; however, getting one in your cellular or clever smartphone will really cross a protracted manner in saving you from economic losses associated with its robbery or damage. Let us recognize the want for cellular coverage and the way the insurance can come in your rescue in tackling diverse situations.

1.Theft protection

It is pretty tough to recover the phone if it gets stolen by someone. And with the stolen phone, you also lose all your data. Financial loss is another setback associated with the theft. Thus, it makes sense to get mobile insurance to deal with such situations, as it covers the cost of a new phone.

2. Accidental breakage protection

Mobile phones are pretty luxurious nowadays and restore of any form of breakage may be an luxurious affair. Getting mobile insurance can be a good decision, considering the fact that it provides coverage against breakage.

3.Water or liquid damage cover

Any unintentional harm to the Phone because of water or different liquid is covered under mobile insurance. A mobile phone can also get damaged due to moisture or humidity and this is usually covered by the insurance.

4. Covers high repair cost

Any harm to expensive phones like the ones from Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, etc. might result in excessive restore cost. To keep away from paying hefty amount on phone repair, it’s better to avail mobile insurance.

5. Protection for loss of phone

In case the mobile phone gets lost, you will not get any compensation under warranty. However, you do get compensation up to the sum insured amount under mobile insurance if you lose your phone.


A Mobile insurance for diverse types of harm to the phone. Let us examine the insurance below:

  • In case of theft or robbery of the smartphone
  • Replacing or repairing the lost or damaged phone within 48 hours of reporting the incident
  • Protection against accidental damage
  • Coverage against liquid damage of the mobile
  • Doorstep pick-up and drop facility of the mobile phone for repairs
  • Cashless process for the coverage
  • Technical malfunctions like problems with ear jacks, charging ports and touch-screens are also covered by some companies
  • Some insurance companies also offer No Claim Bonus to the policyholder at the time of policy renewal if no claims are reported during the previous policy ter

Claim Process for Mobile Insurance

Below are some of the steps to be followed either by the policyholder of the mobile insurance policy or the insurance company that has provided the cover in the event of claims settlement. However, the process may vary from one company to another. The steps are:

  • One must immediately report any loss or damage to the mobile phone to the insurance company offering the coverage either on a toll-free number or any other suggested customer support channels mentioned by the company
  • Customers must also submit the Claim Form as requested by the insurance company.
  • This can be done either online or by visiting the nearest branch office of the insurance company
  • In case of theft or robbery, the customer must file an FIR with the nearest police station or submit the complaint and obtain a copy of it. In case of loss or damage to the mobile phone due to household fire, a report from the fire station is also required by some insurance companies
  • Some insurance companies may require the photographs of the damaged mobile phone to be sent to the claims assessor
  • Based on the policy document issued by the insurance company to the individual for his/her mobile insurance and internal investigation process of the insurance company, the claims would be settled in either way i.e. replacement or repair of the insured mobile phone
  • Some private insurance companies settle the claim bills by directly making a payment to third-party mobile repair centers authorized by the insurance company for repairs
  • Some insurance companies only allow one claim settlement per policy term whereas some offer more than one claims in the policy term year.
  • However, one must always check the terms of the mobile insurance policy he/she has purchased
  • The policyholders may contact the insurance company representatives during the claim process for any support either by visiting the branch office or contacting them via online channels provided by the insurance company

Documents Required

The customer needs to submit the required documents to the insurance company for initiating the claim process for the insured mobile phone.

Some of these documents may include an original invoice of the phone, along with the serial number of the phone and the insurance policy number.

In case of a missing phone, you need to file an FIR and submit its copy while filing a claim.


Certain issues are not covered under mobile insurance. These come under exclusions. These exclusions usually vary from one insurance company to another. Let’s review some:

  • Mysterious loss of the mobile phone that cannot be convincingly explained by the policyholder under insurance cover
  • Any deliberate attempt to damage the phone or malicious intent, leading to a loss or damage to the mobile phone is also not included
  • Any damage to the mobile phone due to change in climatic conditions
  • If the mobile device is overloaded or experimented under abnormal conditions, leading to any damage
  • Any pre-existing malfunctions or defects prior to the commencement of the policy


Some of the benefits of mobile insurance offered by national and private insurance companies in India are:

  • It helps mobile owners to protect themselves from huge repair costs in case of any damage to the mobile phone due to any mishap, such as dropping and collision
  • One can be relaxed if the mobile is damaged due to spillage of any liquid like water, tea/coffee, or soft drinks, etc.
  • Policyholders can enjoy a range of superior customer services
  • Hassle-free and cashless claim saves time and energy
  • Components like touch-screens, charging point, erroneous earphone jacks, and any damage to the internal and external components of the device are also covered
  • Various rider options or additional benefits like transit insurance, worldwide coverage, etc. help enhance the coverage of the insurance
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