Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.5 BGMI July Patch Notes

Battlegrounds Mobile India greeting to all BGMI players. The M249 LMG has been excluded from the airdrops supplies and has been added to the Field Drop instead. Apart, from the karakin map, The M249 can be found in all the-remaining classic maps.

Battlegrounds Mobile India new weapon in Supply Crate

The upcoming new weapon named as MG3 takes the place of the M249 in the supply crate. Another thing to note is that it will be available only in airdrop supplies.THe MG# is also a light machine gun.

It is uses the 7.62 ammo and magazine that can hold up to 75 bullets with each reload. However the loading time is little longer of this Weapon.

The MG3 take up to 6x scope and no other attachments can be used. Also, no single shot mode for this weapon. This weapon have modes in between the 660 rpm or 990 rpm.

Also, has a bipod that will automatically deploy when when you lay prone.

Now, Throw healings for your Teammates

now, you can throw healing consumables added to the trajectory slot. To throw them you can select one healing consumable and tap the ‘throw’ button.

“It’s possible to ask team members far away to throw you the healing consumable !”

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Updated Ranking Season and Differences

The new tier has added between ACE and the CONQUEROR tier. The tier icons, level-up effects also updated.

Challenge point system added to ranking system with this you can earn challenge points. For certain period the New mode called as “Mission Ignition Mode” added to the Erangle map.

This theme mode includes six high-tech regions of Erangle named as Transit center, Georgepool, Tech center, Sosnovka security center, Logistics agency and Energy center. you’ll be able to see a lot of updates in this mode.

The ASM Abakan is the latest assault rifle that’s been added to the Mission Ignition mode. it uses the 5.5mm ammo that fires up to 30 bullets with each reload.

Also, if you follow the “puppy” icon in mini map you able to to discover the special Patrol dog. This patrol-dog marks the location of the rare & high-end items.

For low specification devices, a graphic option added and also added 90 FPS options to some new devices.

The Advance Pickup Option

This option allows you to pickup and set favorite attachments for every weapons. Once, the attachments are picked up It automatically replaces previous attachments with the ones marked as favorite.

Now, you can able to view the status of engagement for your teammates. Glass windows has added to certain buildings in Erangle and Miramar.

The update cycle will change from two to one month for the Royal Pass.

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